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Let's Go Hunting

When entering the financial markets hunting for some smackers, we enter a battlefield. With the push of a button we are competing with the biggest, best and smartest banks, hedge fonds and institutions. It can be a very tricky place to be. 

You've probably seen scenarios like great news come out for one of your stocks, but it drops like a rock the same day. This is the game called "Smart money vs Dumb money". But the smart money leave footprints. We can see them in the charts, and we can follow them.

So let's do what the Pilot fish does. Let's hang around and follow the sharks.

The Pilot Fish

Have you ever heard of "Naucrates ductor", also known as the pilot fish? It's the little guy who hang around the big boys in the sea. It's even known to follow ships, sometimes for long distances.


The ocean is full of hungry predators waiting to strike.... and so is the financial market.

The pilot fish is guarding themselves from threats by teaming up with sharks. Wherever the shark goes, this little fellow will go. The financial markets are pretty much the same as the wildlife in the ocean. Eat or be eaten!


We can swim with the big boys, just like the pilot fish.