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First of all, we would like to welcome you to our website. We are thrilled to have you here.

You're probably wondering what we are all about. So, here goes.


This website is for all big kahunas like yourself, who are trying to pull some bones from the markets. Our goal is to make Chartify your guiding star in the trading universe, and to become a big strong alliance of retail traders.

We have a library including everything from podcasts, brokersbooks, Forex, stockstechnical, time-out and much more. We want you all on board with us. The more traders we are, the stronger we stand together.

You see, we want you to find good quality on everything connected to your trading. Trustworthy brokers with reasonable spreads and fees, and good education of high quality material.


The internet today is full of websites which contain material associated with trading, and it can sometimes be hard for new traders to find their way around. Sadly, there are also many players taking advantage of people who are trying to find their way in the trading jungle. We'll do our absolutely best to make sure you won't get lost in this jungle. 

Don't be shy, please give us input and feedback about what you want to see more/less of. Help us get better.

When it comes to our own view of the market, it all boils down to the charts. We're using technical analysis as a guideline. We believe it's the easiest way to follow the market. To make things simple, imagine driving a car coming up to a crossroad with traffic lights, if it's green you go, and if it's red you stop. The same thing goes with charts. The crossroad would be a price zone or a trendline, where bullish and bearish candles will appear. You can read all about it under technical

We wish you all happy trading, and may the markets be with you.

Henrik & Jay