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Chartify has a branch in Kenya, it is natural for us to support and contribute to a cause like this. Our team is grateful for the opportunity to support Food4Kenya. (Learn more about how we support the cause on the bottom of this page)

Food4Kenya brings food quickly and directly to hungry people in need within 48 hours and they guarantee that any donation will be turned into food directly to help. 

Due to the social restrictions to prevent the corona pandemic to spread in Kenya, about one third of the population is not able to earn their living to put food on the table at least once a day. Hunger is spreading among families. Families which usually never needed any help and lived a peaceful, humble, joyful life.

The whole Food4Kenya – project is built and run by volunteers. 

Website: www.food4Kenya.org

Email: info@food4kenya.org

PayPal account: info@food4kenya.org

Youtube: Food4Kenya



We'd love to hear from you

Ulrich Böld

Project Manager

+254 79 8414 281


Kathrin Lindner

Contact Germany

+49 171 7166482


Christopher E.Lowman

President Mathabe

+1 212 2439444


How we support the cause

Unfortunately the markets are not our personal ATM. So to contribute to this cause we have to think long term investments. 

Each month we'll invest  money in high quality blue-chip stocks that pay dividends, and these dividends will be donated to the cause.

We will practice what we teach by taking 1% of each winning trade to build a high quality stock portfolio. The content of the portfolio will contain companies, funds and ETF's with  focus on green energy. Which assets who will go into the portfolio will be put up for a vote among our members.

You can follow the portfolio on Shareville.

Happy Trading!