Listen and learn from other traders

Sitting in your car stuck in traffic, trying do burn some calories walking in the park, or just need some alone time? These podcasts will keep you company whenever you want.

Podcast are great! You can bring a podcast with you everywhere you go, and listen to it whenever you want.

Listening to other traders and entrepreneurs talk about their stories, struggles and victories, will help you recognize things about yourself and your approach to the markets. You will hear about trading psychology and discipline, which is one of the hardest battles every trader has to combat.

These podcast deliver many different topics and discussions which is relevant for everyone who trades the markets.

Podcasts are a fantastic tool for personal growth and learning.

Below you will find our selections of podcast whom we believe to be some of the best podcast out there. 


Chat with traders

Your host Aaron Fifield interviews all kind of traders.  Billionaires, whistle-blowers and retail grinders give you their story in this podcast. These conversations revolve around individual backstories, experiences, observations, strategies, lessons, struggles and victories.

2 Traders Podcast

Walter Peters & Darren Littlewood - Two professional traders discuss trading psychology, trading systems and how to consistently win while trading the markets.

The Traders Podcast

The Traders Podcast is a twice-weekly podcast that's about living better and trading more profitably. Every Monday and Wednesday.

The Investors Podcast

We like to have fun and study billionaires. We interview stock investors and highly influential authors of business books.

Better System Trader

If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation and practical advice on improving your trading results, Better System Trader delivers every week. Each episode brings you an expert trader who shares their own story, along with the steps, both good and bad, that they’ve taken on their path to success.

The Economist

The Economist was founded in 1843 "to throw white light on the subjects within its range" The Economist is an English-language weekly magazine-format newspaper owned by the Economist Group and edited at offices in London.