Forex Trading - Straight from the Horse's mouth!

Updated: Jan 7

The Importance of Honesty and Trust

Most of us, if not all of us, has sometimes been lied to and it can really hurt the morals and personality of a person. This obviously goes for trading as well. When starting out on your trading career you need information and education. There is a ton of trading related websites on the internet, some of these players are honest and trustworthy, and some are not. How could any new trader know whats reliable and what's not when just starting out.

It's in the humans nature to always look for the easiest and shortest path regardless if it's to loose weight, become a millionaire or learn how to trade. But neither a healthy diet and exercise, money, or knowlege will come to you unless you put in the work. It takes discipline and consistency to get good at something.

Your Limitation - It's Only Your Imagination

We believe in the importance of trust and honesty because they help develop positive relationships. Trust allows one to be able to accept others in a positive way and is an important part of bonding, for it is a necessity in any personal relationship.

Honesty is going to take you places in life that you never could have dreamed and it’s the easiest thing you can practice in order to be happy, successful and fulfilled. Not only should you be honest to others but also to yourself, it will make the progress easier in the long run. Honesty is not just about telling the truth. It’s about being real with yourself and others about who you are and what you want.

Straight from the horse's mouth

Learning to trade is a long journey, but it can be shorten down if you are provided with the right means from the start. Many new traders take courses and get a lot of knowlege about how to trade and what to look for on the charts, but they never make it to become profitable anyway. Maybe they don't trust themselves and the system they are trading, or maybe they where provided with fals information. In either way it will influence your confidence and hold you back from reaching your true potential.

Don't fall into the traps that's out there. Always do what feels right for you and look for reliable sources, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Our team here at Chartify will do our absolutely best to provide you with correct and reliable information.

Reaching your goals and achieving success is a long journey, but most important is to learn from your mistakes. Being honest with yourself and learning from mistakes sharpens our perception and allows us to observe everything around us with clarity. You will only confuse yourself, confuse others and lose credibility if you don't.

Start your trading journey with honesty towards yourself and the people around you. Trust your fellow trading students and follow the steps you need to follow to become a profitable trader. It takes time, but it will be worth it in the end.

Filter out all the trading noise from the internet and start focusing on yourself and where you are headed. Commit to your goal by saying it out loud to yourself. Once you’re clear on the motive behind your goals, make sure you have a sound method for reaching them. There is no shortcut except doing things the right way from the start.

Wishing You Happy Trading


Stay Awesome