Global Market Outlook 2020: What's next?

Updated: Jan 7

2019 has certainly been a year to remember. Geopolitical issues have been at the center of headlines, where the US-China trade war has been at the center of attention, threats of a hard Brexit and demonstrations across all continents around the globe. Not to mention fears of a global recession escalated when the US Treasury yield curve inverted in August for the first time since 2007.

Despite all the turbulence, global equity markets still had a phenomenal year with the MSCI World Index, which tracks companies in 49 countries, hitting a record high and rising 25% in 2019. And with president Trump behind the wheels the U.S. economy would stop for nothing in 2019. The US has entered the longest expansion in American history, surpassing the economic boom of the 1990s. Some might say it's been a Trumptastic year!

What to expect in 2020?


The Technology Sector gained 45.3% in 2019, beating all other market sectors by more than 15%. We live in a technology-driven world, and there's no doubt that technology will once again be a solid performer. However, after such a strong run in 2019, we must keep expectations realistic in 2020

One of the most exiting technologies for 2020 might be 5G. The networks are expected to supercharge Internet of Things technology, providing the infrastructure needed to carry huge amounts of data that allows for a smarter and more connected world.

5G isn’t just faster, and it will not just change your smartphone. It will open up a whole new world...

Health care

Health care stocks, one of the worst performing sectors in 2019, could be ready to outperform even as election turmoil heats up this year.

Health care companies have strong underlying businesses, a factor becoming more attractive in the market as investors shift away from “riskier” assets. And from a valuation perspective, the weakness in the health care sector has led many investors to buy health care stocks, which are selling at discounted prices.

Marijuana stocks

Over the last five years, weed stocks have seen gigantic growth. Every year more legislation is being passed giving people access to both medical and recreational use.

The top six publicly traded marijuana companies have lost a combined $25 billion in market value since the end of March 2019. There are a variety of reasons which boil down to one — everything is taking longer to roll out.

But for 2020... It's time for Cannabis 2.0 in Canada. Which means edibles, beverages, vapes and oils will be on the shelves for costumers to buy. Happy Trading!