This is the way - Disney using the Force!

Disney (DIS) stock is trading just below record highs as "Frozen 2" became the media giant's sixth movie to top $1 billion in 2019. Late last year, it became the first studio ever to top $10 billion globally at the box office.

There's no doubt that Disney investors have been enthusiastic about the streaming service Disney+. The stock has soared 35% over the past year since Disney announced plans to compete with Netflix and Amazon's Prime Video.

Disney’s streaming service will be the “forever home” of all of its unbeatable and epic productions — including Marvel and Star Wars, and all of their films and TV shows, past and future.

Disney is so much more than movies and cartoons. Disney is a whole entertainment industry by itself. Disney's theme parks draw such big crowds that the company raises prices every year — and yet the parks are always busy.

While services like Netflix and Amazon Prime create and license content to attract new subscribers, Disney uses its wellspring of characters to generate revenue across a host of businesses, including movie theaters, cable and network television, theme parks, and a number of other products. Streaming is just one more way for the company to monetize its growing library of intellectual property.

Hard to beat

Unless you've been living under a rock, you'll have noticed that the Internet is completely obsessed with Baby Yoda.

Since the launch of new series The Mandalorian, people all over the world have been showing their love for the child version of legendary Star Wars character Yoda on social media. Now Disney is giving fans a reason to smile by launching a range of "the Child" toys on its online store.

While 2020 will likely not reach the box-office highs of the last two years, or even the expected highs of 2021 (which will see four Marvel movies, three DC movies, and the "Avatar" sequel), there are still plenty of potential blockbusters on the way that could give Disney a run for its money.

The 2020 Disney schedule will include the following, according to the company:

  • Call of the Wild: Feb. 21

  • Onward: March 6 (Pixar)

  • Mulan:  March 27

  • Black Widow:  May 1 (Marvel)

  • Artemis Fowl:  May 29

  • Soul : June 19 (Pixar)

  • Jungle Cruise:  July 24

  • The One and Only Ivan: Aug.14 (Disney Animation)

  • Eternals:  Nov. 6 (Marvel)

  • Raya and the Last Dragon:  Nov.25 (Disney Animation)

  • West Side Story:  Dec.18

2019 was a breakout year both literally and figuratively for DIS stock. Shares rocketed higher after a third attempt at clearing a massive consolidation pattern nearly three years in the making

May the markets be with you - I Have Spoken!

Disclaimer: This is not a buy or sell recommendation. The author of this article owns shares in DIS and has no intention on selling in the near future.