TradeMiner - Review

Updated: Jan 7

The TradeMiner software is available for Stocks, Futures, and Forex, and it allows you to scan through years of historical stock price data, of all of the stocks that are listed in the S&P 500, the Dow 30, the Nasdaq 100, as well as hundreds more stocks & ETF’s. In addition, the software will sort though the data and show you what to trade and when to trade it, with the characteristics of the trade being specified by you.

Watchlist Management:

TradeMiner is used to monitor seasonal trades closely and when a trading trend is set to begin traders can wait for it to take off in that direction.

Buying pullbacks:

Traders can monitor a few symbols at a time and when one goes counter to its seasonal trend initially those are the ones traders can jump on once they turn and start to move in their normal historical seasonal trend direction.

Short term trading:

Trades who operate in short-term trades will find TradeMiner very useful for determining a long-term bias for any short-term trades.

Alert management:

TradeMiner sends emails just before the historical season trend has begun in previous years. This makes easy to find trends to monitor while away from the software.

The Software

Lan H. Turner founded Gecko Software in 1998. The company started its operations by focusing exclusively on the commodities trading market. After a long period of development, tweaking and testing, they released this software to the public under the name Track ‘n Trade.

Track ‘n Trade completely changed the way people learned how to trade in the futures market.  It provided over 30 years of historical data of trading, allowing the user to conduct trade simulations. Using this unique tool, a beginner or advanced trader can practice different trading strategies until he or she feels confident enough to invest their own money. Track ‘n Trade was also the first tool to introduce a dynamic chart which gave traders the ability to place a trade directly on the chart.

Since then, Gecko Software has gained a strong reputation in the trading world, and they subsequently developed several other tools. Trademiner is one of the latest and must successfully tools in the series, attracting thousands of downloads.

What it looks like

Traders can specify any month and customize the % times a trend is profitable and find bullish trends, bearish trends, or both. Also, traders can specify the length of the trend as well as the look back period.

From the scanning page, traders can select the trades they want to take and build a watch list around those trades. Once the watch list is created, traders can build out the trades for the upcoming year by adding a trade date parameter into the calculation. The system is then able to calculate the trade’s probability of success based on market cycles and historical trades.

The system does all of the leg work of uncovering mathematically reliable trades so that you only have to focus on the trades. This saves an enormous amount of time in market research and removes the fear of guesswork from the trading equation. Having confidence in your trades is a critical benefit of this system.

While it is not the only tool a trader should have in the toolbox, it’s definitely one that should be there. Due to the ability to go back and quickly look at historical trends, the software gives traders the ability to pinpoint the best times to buy and sell stocks that they are interested in.

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