Trading lingo. Learn the language

Ask - The price you buy for.

Aussie - Australian dollar.

Bear squeeze - Take a loss to exit a short position

Bid - The price you sell for

Big swing d - Badass everyone looks up to

Bear market - Market in down trend/falling prices

Blue chip - Large industry, leading companies

Bull market - Market in up trend/rising prices

Cable - GBP/USD currency pair

Candle - Method of charting price action

Carry trade - Positive roll-over (Forex interest rate)

CFD - A Contract for Difference

Commission - Fee to broker

DAX - German stock index

EA or Robot - Automated script handling orders

ECN - Broker with direct access to Forex market

ECB - European Central Bank

FED - Federal Reserve (USA financial system)

Fiber - EUR/USD currency pair

Flat - All positions closed

Footsie - UK stock index, The FTSE100

Fomo - Fear of missing out

F-You money = Money to leave your job forever

GAP - Difference between open and close price

​Hedge - Offsetting positions to limit your loss

​Hodl - Crypto talk for "hold your positions"

​Hunting elephants - Looking for big deals

​Junked up - Super bullish, enthusiasm

​Kiwi - New Zealand dollar

​Long - Position in buy direction

​Lot - Amount of units

​Loonie - Canadian dollar.

​Market price - A current price rate

​Ninja - USD/JPY currency pair

​Order - Order to buy or sell at certain rate

​Piker - Someone who knows everything (but don't

​Pip - Last digit in currency rate(EUR/USD 0.0001)

​Roll-over - Interest rate holding over night

​Scalping - Short term profits by big posistions

​SL - Stop Loss Order

​Spread - Difference between Ask and Bid rate

​Support - Price level where downtrend stalls.

​Swissy - USD/CHF currency pair

​The Beast - GBP/JPY currency pair

​TP - Take Profit Order

​Trend - Market direction